Randomness of city numbers

Each city is a constellation for itself, one authentic truth that speaks about the specificities of its residents. About beauty and about ugliness that have marked it and give it integrity… Its inhabitants are owners of beauty and ugliness or are in fact just giving themselves unwritten right to do so… Cities under the patronage of the people who live in it, a kind of antipode if we look at it in a way to assess who is more dominant, collective or an individual… I would always cheer for an individual… Maybe because I believe that an individual wins, in one way or another.

In this case, in the joint synchrony they talk about each other, the numbers about people and people about numbers and are integrated in their joint poetics; they talk through what is said and what is untold, and are consciously and unconsciously showing various metaphors of themselves…

Numbers as symbols of cities talk for themselves…We can tell much about a city by its numbers as they create our idea about that city, in this way, numbers of San Francisco tell us the story about the city of entrepreneurs and innovation. Berlin still has been divided by numbers between the two sides of the wall, East and West, communism and capitalism … Barcelona perhaps mostly belong to Gaudí in its creativity, colours and desire to be different … However, mosaic of numbers found in a city reveals its history, identity as well as poetry; we discover its scars, success, creativity, lack  of creativity, how they fought and develop on the way to future…

There are curious passengers, explorers, observers, someone might say that those are the ones who love to design meaninglessness and someone else will call them people who search for a beauty of our world in everything… Whatever we call them, the fact is that they love to discover, to make non-transparent mosaics of one identity through history, through the present, going through the negligence and perfectionism and oddities and craziness, and the attempts and successes to be different…

London by Toni Mascaró

What can a number 152 say about itself, set besides an average, or above-average entrance?! At least one piece of history that can lightly touch its observers, who are born here and the ones who wandered, who came with their contribution and… It tells us the same story as 250 or 25… We can find out which culture passed by it and which have touched it, marked it, won it, hurt it, or lift it, one from it has risen and those who will collapse it when the time comes, and they are all equally important because they tell the story of the scars and medals and victories and defeats… They identify themselves in the integrity of time… And being that timely and timeless they keep themselves from the bite of transience. The truth about numbers is that they are not preserved for very long, and people change them as replicable and variable without any particular value in time.

And so, you understand that you can tell a story (it is interesting to know that you can write a story out of anything, forget the content and keep the form, as Russian formalists would say ;))… You can write it, create with this mosaic of diversity, and as whole, just leave it for the observers to see your small piece of art. You know what your eye has seen in these numbers, as every one of them is different, with its big and small truths and lies.

San Francisco Low
San Francisco by Toni Mascaró

You recognize that art is moved to the street, which is a constant source of inspiration. It offers itself to you, to steal, to take the joy, from clips of life, from all that you can, to take away from the moment, to snatch it from the speed in which we live, casually gathering its expressions…. So is this story of numbers, a one street gift on the side, a small contribution to the aesthetics of beauty and the aesthetics of ugliness that are completely inseparable in their existence and meaningfulness as it is our inevitable and undeniable Man’s search for meaning as once said the brilliant psychiatrist Viktor Frankl…

If you look for it, you can find it, knowing that you just assembled the story, looking for it in the abandoned houses whose identity remained to be shown in some number and on the brilliant classical and romantic buildings and on the average communist and those seemingly tight and stable capitalist buildings.

Your work will speak only in the harmony of these numbers, if you wish to tell it in numbers.

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