The missing talent

Everyday conversations are the treasury, a whirling movement inside of us that inspire and reflect everything that exists deep within us. What we think, dance, hurt, play, dream in the need to exist with what is.

I am writing this text inspired by a conversation with a friend about a true biblical tale of three men and their master. Before the Masters´departure, he handed out talents (biblical measure of money that is interpreted in the present sense as a gift or skill). He gave five talents to the first man, to the second three talents and to the third one  talent. He granted them these talents according to their abilities. On his return, he asked what they had done with their talents.

The servant who had received five talents accrued ten additional talents, thus being a general blessing to many. The second servant doubled his three talents to the joy of his master and the third servant acquired nothing, in fact he had buried his talent fearing that the master would confront him when he returned. Rightly so, the Master was angry and took his talent away, giving it to the servant who had gained ten talents.

And while I contemplate on this glorious parable, I wonder how much talent God has taken away and idle time wasted. Like us, when our time is up, we are buried, just like the talents and that perfect moment and our full potential is never reached. The land is for those who are prepared on this earth to engage in the present.

Talent is sometimes perceived as decoration, What does one do with ornaments if the stomach is empty, famished, but not from hunger but from everyday life which is biting.

It seems abstract with multiple instances the little and the grandiose wrestle inside of man. He exercises his tainted talent on earth with grace and his blemishes in tact.

One ought to draw the first star in the sand then maybe attempt up in the sky. No muse needed but action is and it is inevitable that you will get your fair shakes, at least once, that’s if you do not get bored of waiting. Most often so many magical occurrences happen, especially when we do not want which we do not crave. They just simply appear because its time.

Talent is actually understated and overpriced. The ego confuses us into thinking our desire is to be special and extraordinary, which actually barricades the honesty we have with ourselves. In our midsts, we have experienced and appreciated so many talented people. Although, rarely are they folk who have made ten of the five talents and have served the world.

There are those who treasure their three talents and serve with joy or just purpose both reasons worthwhile but wistfully, most are those whose talent was taken away by God as they did nothing with it. It was dormant.

Time waits for no man and time overcame once again. Time darkened their glow, their illusion, their magic. The stone cutter did not sculpt and the stone was not carved. How could he think he would make a stone table if he had nothing to show for it? This is truth as it is. Perhaps he could have hunted his meat in the day to earn his bread and then in the evening, carve his stone where inspiration and magic is born.

But instead he had to sleep, to be rested for his daily hunt, for everyday life is so unpredictable. But one should not forget that we will all eventually sleep for eternity and that is the only thing that is in fact proving and inevitable so sleep shouldn’t be the most thing important in life?

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